Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekly Recap

I'm in base-building, I suppose, for the Columbus half-marathon. I will be following a slightly modified version of the Hansons Half Marathon plan, but I'll talk more about that later. But since I'm base-building, I probably shouldn't be doing speedwork. Ehhhhh, I think I'll still mix in a little. It'll help me figure out where I am for training. Unless it's hot; then speedwork is OUT. Of course, once I start "training," I'll have to push through.

Overall, not a terrible week, but I would have preferred five days running and at least one gym visit. I also slacked on the Myrtl routine. Two weeks until training officially starts, so I better finish out my base strongly. Next week, at least five days running for 30 miles, Myrtls everyday I run and at least one strength session!

Monday: off
I had hoped to do a short run, but we were in Columbus and didn't get home until after 8pm. So two rest days in a row, it is.

Tuesday: 5 miles, 50 minutes, Saucony Kinvara 5
Originally I had intended to do speedwork (800s), but it was really hot and humid out. I'm not used to the heat (yet), so I nixed it. Legs felt dead. Plus, I just read an article about the dangers of speedwork during base-building, so... Just an easy run worked.

Wednesday: 5.1 miles, 52:30 minutes, Saucony Zealots
This was supposed to be an easy run -- and god knows the pace indicates that -- but I didn't feel very well. It was warm again, but not as bad as Tuesday. There were a ton of gnats and tree stuff (pods? pollen? fluff?) in the air, so there was a ton of coughing. No real reason for a crappy run.

Thursday: 4 miles, 60 minutes, Saucony Kinvara 5
I met a friend after work who's just getting back into it, so we ran/walked for an hour and covered about 4 miles. We ran at Sand Run and avoided both bikers and bugs. Followed up by dinner and a beer at Ray's, this was a perfectly lovely Thursday evening. (I am feeling like the Kinvara 5s are dead. I really wish they lasted longer for me. Maybe I'm too heavy for such lightweight shoes?)

Friday: off

Saturday: 10.25 miles with 6 on trails, Saucony Peregrines 
I decided my long run should include trails. Why? Who knows. This week's runs largely sucked so why not make Saturday's harder? I mostly enjoyed it, although when I hit 10.25, I stopped and walked to Aaron's Jeep. Anyhow, we started at Station Road. I ran the towpath to Redlock where I hopped on the Buckeye Trail over to Boston Store. Then I ran the last 2 miles on the towpath back to Redlock where Aaron met me. (He ran 9 on the towpath.)

Sunday: off
Kind of an unintentional day off, but lounging in bed and then getting lunch seemed better. 

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