Tuesday, September 02, 2014

River Run Half-Marathon

So I'm running the River Run Half-Marathon again. It's this Sunday, and it will be part of my 18-mile long run.

It will also be another attempt at a sub-2.

I'm trying to think positively and believe that I can do it. I've been running okay since the Parkersburg half, so I'm hopeful. I'm front-loading my runs this week so I can take off Friday. Saturday will be an easy 3.5 miles with the 5k training group, and Sunday will be my fourth half-marathon of 2014.

The River Run was my first half-marathon way back in 2011. Reading the recap is kind of funny. I was so serious about the 13.1 miles. I also did the race 2012, and I remember starting out too fast and just going with it. I kind of forgot how much I slowed down at the end though.

(Note to self: Even if you don't record anything else in this stupid blog, do more race recaps. It's good to see them after the fact.)

For this race, I'm also trying something else: I'm not drinking the rest of the week. I had two beers yesterday, and I won't drink again until probably Sunday night. If it's successful, it will likely be a strategy I employ for the marathon as well (probably two weeks for the marathon, which is 53 days away -- not ready!).

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