Monday, August 18, 2014

NFIM Training - Week 6

I'm a little nervous about this week. I am doing the Parkersburg half-marathon on Saturday, and I have a very ambitious time goal of sub-2ing that bitch. We'll see! (I'm doing this recap as I go. Clearly the half should deserve its own post.)

Goal: 41 miles, 9-mile workout w/ 3 miles 60 on/60 float, 16-mile long run
Reality: 37.25 miles, 9-mile workout w/ 3 miles 60 on/60 float, 16-mile long run

Monday: Easy Run
Distance: 4 TM miles
Time & Pace: 40 minutes, 10 pace
Shoes: Brooks PureFlow 2

It was raining and awful, so I just did this run in the basement on the treadmill. I'm watching The Secret Circle on Netflix, and it was the perfect length. The treadmill is getting a little iffy though.

Tuesday: 60 On/60 Float Workout
Distance: 9 miles
Time & Pace: 1:29:30, 9:56 pace
Shoes: Adidas Glide Boost

The pace isn't important for this run, obviously. I ran on the Towpath near the house, so I warmed up by going out 1.5 miles past downtown and back. Then the workout started! For 3 miles, I basically ran hard for 60 seconds and then "floated" for 60 seconds. I didn't have any time goals for those intervals, so I don't really know if I did okay or not. I think my range was too wide, and I was beat by the end of the 3 miles. Those 3 miles back to my car were not good.

60 seconds on: ranged from 7:43 to 8:57, averaged 8:23
60 seconds float: ranged from 9:58 to 10:54, averaged 10:31

Wednesday: off (well, 1.25-mile walk)

After Tuesday's workout, I was feeling pretty tired. I talked with J (boss and "coach"), and he told me to take Wednesday off. I had planned to run 8 miles or so in order to get my 41 miles for the week. I will be short of 41 miles, and that's okay. (I keep telling myself that!)

But it was weird to not run with the half-marathon training group. I took a walk and socialized while they were running their 5 miles. Everyone did so well, and I was a little jealous not to be part of it.

Thursday: Easy Neighborhood Run
Distance: 3.5 miles
Time & Pace: 10:30 pace
Shoes: Hoka Bondi

This run didn't feel good at all. J told me to do 4 on Thursday and maybe 4 on Friday. I ran before work, and I was back at the house at 3.5 and didn't see a point in slogging along for another half-mile. I'm not sure if I'll run on Friday. If I do, it'll likely be 3.

Friday: Easy Neighborhood Run
Distance: 3.5 miles
Time & Pace: 10:04 pace
Shoes: Adidas Glide Boost

This run felt better and required less effort than Thursday's run, so that's good!

Saturday: Long Run
Distance: 16 miles
Time & Pace: 2:21, 9:48 pace
Shoes: Saucony Kinvara

This looks like an acceptable long run, except that there was the Parkersburg half-marathon in there, and I totally crashed and burned. Clearly, I did not sub-2 that bitch or get anywhere close to that. I sincerely almost quit, but I wasn't sure how to get back to Ali's if I did so. It was awful. I feel like I've already talked about it a lot, but I should probably do a race recap to help identify where things went wrong.

Sunday: Off

I took Sunday off even though I was supposed to do a 3-miler. I needed the day to recharge.

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