Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cleveland Half-Marathon

The Cleveland half-marathon is done, so now I need to figure out what I'm doing for my full. But that's another story.

Sunday was the Cleveland half-marathon. The weather was perfect, and a a ton of people from the training group and beyond were there. My intention was to run with people from the group. I failed.

The first four to five miles were with a small group, but I lost them when I ran over to say hi to friends who were running about a minute per mile faster. When I tried to drop back, I couldn't find them. I couldn't hang with my friends as they sped up more, so I ended up running most of the race by myself. (I did catch one of the dudes at the end on the uphill portion of the Shoreway.)

I actually ended up PRing by 30 seconds or so (2:03:13, officially), but it was a lonely race.

It also gave me confidence that I just might have a sub-2 in me before marathon trainng so if the weather looks good, I'm going to go for it in June. And then I'll start training for the marathon. With my work schedule, it's gonna be tricky!

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