Friday, August 02, 2013

My Friday Five

My Friday Five is kinda sad, but whatever.
  1. My parents are coming this weekend, and we're going to see a Dallas game! Sadly it's preseason, so the starters, if they play at all, will only be in for a hot minute. But still. Dallas!
  2. Work is challenging. That is all.
  3. Running is picking up - along with my cranky hamstring. I really need to get back to strength-training and doing the exercises that the sports chiro gave me. THEN I may consider seeing him again. In any case, going to do a double-digit run tomorrow - first one since the Cleveland half in May.
  4. I still miss my Dallas Cat.
  5. I should be riding more. The highway trip to work isn't that bad right now - lots of vacations, I guess, so traffic in the morning is a breeze. I can take the long way home. 

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