Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Recap

Monday: lazy day of rest even though I could have - and should have - run
Tuesday: 6-mile interval run
Wednesday: run canceled - boo
Thursday: 6.3-mile run including a 7:55 mile
Friday: easy 3.2-mile run
Saturday: easy 6.3-mile run
Sunday: lazy day of rest

Not really what I was hoping for - missing about 3 or 4 miles here, thanks to Wednesday's canceled run. (It rained and stormed and flooded - it was generally awful.) I had dreams of running short on Sunday, but I went to bed at 5:30 am, so a run clearly wasn't happening.

The weekend was pretty good, though. Friday, we stayed in. We ran with the group Saturday morning and then headed down to Parkersburg. Aaron and our friend did scooter work while Ali and I went to a community fundraiser and just generally had fun. The boys didn't work the entire time, but they really did get a lot done. Sunday was lazy for the girls, but the boys did some more work.

I definitely went to bed early last night - not early enough! - and I still didn't run this morning. So now I need to do something after work. It's going to be hot, so I might just run easy on the treadmill while watching Netflix. The general plan this week is going to be missing a long run since we'll be out of town this weekend. I doubt I'll hit 25 miles this week without it, but I'll try:

Monday: easy run + at-home strength/abs (after work)
Tuesday: easy run (before work)
Wednesday: easy run (group, after work)
Thursday: speedwork + at-home strength (was going to be after work, but we'll need to prep for the weekend so...)
Friday: easy run (before work)
Saturday: off (maybe an easy run at the rally?)
Sunday: off

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