Friday, July 12, 2013

Mile Timed Trial

Sort of. Last night, I had grand plans of doing a mile timed trial, but once we started running, I didn't really feel like it and I was enjoying running with Aaron and our friend. So we ran out 3 miles on the Bike & Hike (skipped the Towpath because of the flooding from Wednesday night). At the turnaround, I decided I really had to pee so I ran a little farther out to take care of business. When I got back to the turnaround, I saw that they'd waited for me.

So we're running back, and I was feeling pretty decent then. I decided to run my last mile as fast as I could, so around 4.9 miles, I reset my watch and just ran fast. It was hard, and I felt slow and clunky and it was taking forever. This part of the Bike & Hike was perfect though -- it was exactly a mile between the roads. I finally made it to the road, and my watch beeped.

And then I walked the .4 back to the car because I was spent.

BUT! I didn't think I had a sub-8 mile in me, and I did it after running almost 5 miles. This is encouraging. I'm looking forward to doing a mile timed trial more appropriately (like warm up for a mile, run hard for a mile, cool down for a mile).

This morning, I got up and ran 3.2 very slow miles. I'll run 6 or so tomorrow morning, and I'm even thinking about running Sunday so I can reach 25 miles for the week. We'll see -- trips to Parkersburg are seldom conducive to running the next day, but I'm hopeful. I'm also hopeful that this trip will involve successful scootering tomorrow afternoon -- my smallie is in need of being ridden. There's still Stabil in the tank from winter, which is just ridiculous.

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