Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Year in Review: Running

Ah, 2012. There was a decent amount of running -- well over the 1,000 miles (DailyMile says 1087.44 miles; my running log says 1,084.05 running and 75 walking and hiking for a total 1,159.06) I was hoping for. I also ran 17 races, PRing the 5k and 10k distances. Technically you can call my 5- and 10-milers PRs too since it was the first time I'd ever done those distances.

I also made some great friends, which really helped me improve my motivation, effort and results. Running friends are so key to success for me. I'm lucky to have them -- hopefully they'll continue to push me and help me improve so that I can meet my 2013 goals:
  • 1200 miles
  • 1 race per month
  • 2:10 half-marathon
  • PR 10-miler
  • sub-60 10k
  • sub-28 5k

And that's that. It's kind of a lot, but nothing too crazy, all perfectly achievable.

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