Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cat in a box.

Last night was a productive evening! I went to yoga after work (good class, not too tough, but more hip openers would always be good for me!). When Aaron picked me up, we headed to Sand Run for a four-mile run. I didn't use my watch, even though I don't feel like I'm a watch-hawk, but maybe I am. I went by effort. I wanted to keep it easy because my legs were tired from various warrior poses and because I typically run faster during the Wednesday night group runs. (The group, generally, is faster than I, so their easy pace is my tempo pace.) I ran by effort, finished a couple of minutes after Aaron and felt pretty decent.

Then it was off to do a little holiday shopping. Luckily I had chili in the slow-cooker at home so dinner was taken care of. Actually I think the chili overcooked, although Aaron seemed to think it was okay. It was definitely edible. It was a little strange to not season as I cooked. It wasn't spicy enough, but that's what Cholula is for!

After dinner, we cleaned up and then it was time to wrap some gifts. What that really means is that I gather supplies while Aaron wraps.

No, what that really means is... kitty in a box!

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