Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Running is hard.

Last night after work, I hit a new-to-me trail. It's always an adventure trying to find trails that are long enough and are both challenging and runnable. I don't mind some stairs, but with my level of grace, I walk them, especially going down.

Anyhow, there's the Chuckery Trail that's supposedly 2.4 miles (those are always off, btw), so I did it twice with a little running on the access road to get to 5 miles. It was pretty nice. I saw how it connects to the Highbridge Trail so next time I can add in mileage that way. In any case, I don't take pictures and I don't run fast so my running updates are boringly lame.

Workout plan for the week:

MONDAY: 5-mile trail run, 30-minute weights session
TUESDAY: yoga, possibly a little extra cardio
WEDNESDAY: 6-mile run with the hill from hell, 30-minute weights session
THURSDAY: run, length TBD based on when I run
FRIDAY: longish run (8-10?), maybe an extra weights session depending on timing

(Impressed by that strength-training session yesterday? Me too. And my body's feeling it today!)

No running this weekend because it's the last rally of 2012! We're heading to Gettysburg as soon as possible on Friday for a weekend of scooting and debauchery. Or something like that. Good times will be had. And it's looking like there will be a side trip to here.

New feature!
(Haha - there are no features here, just ramblings and lists of activities.)

Did you see the "What am I drinking now?" section on the right-hand side of the blog? I added the RSS feed from my Untappd app. It's fairly up to date, although it's missing the beer I drank this weekend. A couple of different ones on Saturday, but nothing special, and Sunday and Monday's were football-watching beers, and that's when I tend to go for the good deals: $2 pints of Octoberfest beers on Sunday, $1 pints of Yuengling Light last night. It's not that I'm ashamed of my bargain beers -- I'm just not using the app to keep track of ALL the beers I drink, just the new ones.

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