Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Monday!

Back to the grindstone after a pretty decent weekend. Friday night, we stayed in town, ran 10 miles and ate at home so we could get up early and head down to Athens (where I ended up with two new OU shirts along with a new OU hoodie that Aaron bought me for my birthday). It was Homecoming weekend, and it was crazy to see all the school spirit. EVERYONE was wearing OU gear. As Aaron said, it's amazing what good sports can do for you.

We spent some time at Jackie O's eating some good pizza and sampling some good beers with scooter friends (bummer we weren't on the ride with them). We ended up with the double IPA in our growler, which we drank Saturday night at our friends' house in Parkersburg.

Sunday, we headed home fairly early and did a little ufyh: Aaron mowed the lawn while I cleaned the bathroom and did some laundry. There is so much more to do, but I'll try a little more tonight. Apparently I am finally sick of how messy the house is.

I even made the bed this morning.

Onto workouts... Last week's plan and result:

MONDAY: 5-mile trail run → CHECK (5.25)
TUESDAY: yoga, something else if time permits → CHECK plus 3.5-mile run
WEDNESDAY: 6-mile run with the hill from hell + trail, weights → CHECK on the run (no weights)
THURSDAY: 2-mile trail hike → CHECK (2.25 actually)
FRIDAY: 10-mile run → CHECK

So I overachieved a touch on the cardio and missed my weights workout last week.

MONDAY: 6-mile interval run
TUESDAY: yoga, easy 3-mile treadmill run
WEDNESDAY: 6-mile run, weights
THURSDAY: 2-mile trail hike
FRIDAY: weights
SATURDAY: 5-mile trail race
SUNDAY: easy 5-mile run

I should probably do weights today, but I'm not prepared for a lunchtime workout and time is so crunched after work. (I hope my body is prepared for tonight's interval run.)

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