Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Welcome to September

I'm clearly not interested in recapping August, but it wasn't too bad... oh, who am I kidding? It was kind of a fail:

Goal Reality
16 runs (a couple of runs focusing on hills and speed) 99.5 miles run in 15 runs (a few speed, a few hills, several trails)
4 hikes/walks 14.61 miles walked or hiked in 6 walks/hikes
4 yoga 2 yoga
3 strength-training 1 strength
2 races (Parkersburg HM, Run for Maggie's Place 9k) 1 half-marathon (skipped Maggie's Place because I ran 13.1 the day before and I was flying to Boston that afternoon)

So yeah, I didn't hit my goals - except, don't worry!, I exceeded my walk/hiking goal. Whatever. September has started. It's the 5th, and I have a measly 12 miles in. I'll get in 5 or 6 tonight. I'll do another short run tomorrow or Friday and then Sunday is the River Run Half-Marathon - my sixth one! And probably my last for 2012. The River Run was also the first HM I did last year. I'd really like to PR (sub 2:14), but my last two runs haven't been very good. I hope it's not a precursor to the race. Anyhow, enough talk about my lack of confidence and lack of ability to reach my goals.

September Goals:
  • 16 runs
  • 3 yoga (should be 4, but I already missed yoga last night to run)
  • 3 strength (no strength this weekend in prep for the HM)
  • 4 walks/hikes
  • 2 races: River Run HM, Akron Marathon Relay
This might be a touch ambitious with tapering and recovering here, but it'll be okay.

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