Friday, September 21, 2012

Basically fall.

Oh, little break from blogging. It's not that I have nothing to say, it's that it feels repetitive. I run -- slowly -- and I wish I were faster. I want to ramp up my mileage. Blah, blah, blah.

Anyhow, the last day I posted anything was Sept. 11 (it's weird to post on that day and not post about the day's significance, huh?). Since then...

I ran some, including a fantastic 10-mile run on Saturday. I did a couple of solo 4-mile trail runs, which were awesome but left me with aching calves. I ran 10 miles again on Wednesday so I didn't have to worry about it tonight. It was after work, and I finished the second half faster than the first, the last three miles sub-11-minute pace and the last mile sub-10-minute pace. Good run. I ran with a friend last night.

It seems that I can only run solo on trails, but that's really all in my head, of course.

I also discovered that toe socks are the way to go for me and my left foot's toes. I bought out Dick's supply of size small Injinji, and yesterday I discovered that Injinji makes compression toe socks and ordered a pair of those. And another pair of compression sleeves.

My calves tend to be what hurts the most.

Tonight, instead of heading down to Scoot-a-Que and arriving just before the movie, we are staying in Akron. I'd like to get in 6 miles tonight or tomorrow morning before heading down to C-bus for the rally. The theme is quinceanera -- you know, like a Latina Sweet 15 party -- and I have no idea what I'm wearing. I'm guessing I won't be in theme since I haven't actually planned an outfit.

This might be our last rally of 2012, and it makes me sad. It wasn't supposed to be. In fact, there are two we are supposed to be going to, but because of Aaron's work, we can't. Well, I don't know for sure that we'll miss NSP, but given the fact that it's five hours away and Aaron can't get off work until 5 and we probably wouldn't be able to leave until 7 AND it's a camping rally.

I'm just not seeing it happening, but I'm not going to call it quite yet.

(If we don't go, I might run the Towpath 10k -- not the half-marathon because I swore I was done with long races for 2012. It's $45, though, and I'm not sure it's worth the money -- although I still haven't done a 10k in under an hour and this might be the perfect one.)

In any case, it's Friday and I'm happy about that. I'll just the fall work itself out.

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