Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arbitrary Numbers

I will end September SO CLOSE to 100 miles. Or I'll end September with 100 miles. If I run 5.55 tonight, 5.5 on Saturday and 7.5 on Sunday, I should hit 100. It's tonight's run that is the issue. With the relay on Saturday and my desire to run "fast," I need to do tonight's run EASY. Like 11- to 12-minute mile easy. Six miles takes a long-assed time when you're running slowly. Plus, they might be treadmill miles (stupid rain, but it's looking better or at least not downpour-y) or neighborhood miles, which'll make it harder to go past 4. Eh, we'll see -- it's just a number, right? There's no prize for 100-mile months, although you ultra-runners who hit 100-mile weeks certainly deserve a prize!

In any case, I want to run on Sunday too. Earlier this summer, a friend offered to take us on a 7.5-mile trail run, and last night at dinner, I asked her if she'd do it this Sunday and she agreed. One of our friends is bummed -- he's tapering for a marathon and can't join us; we'll do it again. She's fast so I hope she doesn't mind slowing down for me. She's good at running with runners of all abilities so I'm not really concerned about that.

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