Monday, August 13, 2012


Go figure - I was able to successfully drop my mileage last week. And I'll do it again this week!

To recap:
Monday: 4.4-mile run
Tuesday: 2-mile walk, weights
Wednesday: 5-mile hill run
Thursday: yoga
Friday: complete rest
Saturday: 8-mile run
Sunday: complete rest

Wednesday's run kicked my ass! My quads were screaming on Thursday, so I nixed my post-yoga run and rested on Friday. That seemed to be the right plan because Saturday's 8-miler went well: second half faster than the first, last mile under 10 minutes. I finished the week with less than 18 miles, which is less than the 75% recommendation.

This week:
Monday: 4-mile run
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: 4-mile flat fun
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: RACE
Sunday: hobble

I don't have taper-crazies. I feel a little like I'm being lazy, but I really want to make sure that my body is well-rested and well-recovered before Saturday. The weather is looking decent for Saturday:

I've been warned about the hills, and I've taken the warnings seriously. Here's the map along with elevation, and there are two significant climbs (sadly you go downhill and climb out; I'd much rather do the opposite). My goal is to finish under 2:30 (funny, just like my first HM last September).

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