Friday, August 10, 2012


Today, I rest.

I rested a little yesterday, too, since I had 3-4 easy miles scheduled post-yoga, but my legs, right quad particularly, are killing me. I took off and made it about an eighth of a mile before turning around. It wasn't worth it. Next Saturday is my next half-marathon, and it's hilly and will probably be hot and humid. Torturing myself last night would not make next Saturday better and could make it worse.

Only three or four more runs:

  • Friday: rest or easy 2- to 3-mile walk (weather is not looking promising, and doing it on the treadmill doesn't benefit my soul)
  • Saturday: 8 miles - easy
  • Sunday: complete rest
  • Monday: 4 miles - easy
  • Tuesday: yoga, followed by 3 easy miles, maybe
  • Wednesday: 4 miles - easy
  • Thursday: gentle yoga or rest
  • Friday: complete rest

And I shall stretch and ice and foam-roll daily! And start upping the carbs Monday/Tuesday, probably. Nothing crazy, but they will be upped (unfortunately not in the form of Five Guys' fries, but there will be pizza; there is always pizza, though).

Also, I registered for another HM - the River Run on Sept. 9. That was my first HM, and I'm hoping to at least beat that time. I figured I was trained for it, and it's only three weeks after Parkersburg. That worked out well last year with the Towpath following the River Run, so hopefully it'll work out well this year. Gunning for a PR since Parkersburg is likely to be my worst HM yet.

Let's look at my (pathetic) HM times:

09.11.11River Run Half-Marathon2:19:4510:40
10.09.11Towpath Half-Marathon2:14:09*10:14
03.17.12Rock'n'Roll National Half-Marathon2:18:2510:33
05.20.12Cleveland Half-Marathon2:24:3311:02

I have a lot of improving to do. (And god, Cleveland was bad.)

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