Thursday, August 09, 2012

90s night

It was 90s night on Tuesday.

First, I was never a Helmet fan. Totally not my scene. And if you can't say anything nice... I'll just say that 20 years hasn't improved them. (Don't know who they are? Check out their Wikipedia page. The current band is just one original member who... looks like he could be the other dudes' dad.) Oh, and 20 years hasn't improved their fan base's ability to mosh. Hilarious. And there was vomit afterward. It's hard on the oldies to have their bellies so shaken up by the bouncing.

(I'm old too.)

I had more interest in The Toadies, on the other hand - although I wasn't a huge fan or anything. They still sound good, and they totally look like old hipsters (maybe the drummer just looks old). I think there are two original members? Many of their songs sound like they should be on the Disturbing Behavior soundtrack (they're not, btw). The newer stuff sounded more current, not just rehashing their 90s glory.

Watching the audience was hysterical. Who knew that so many couples would get all touchy-feely-grindy listening to The Toadies? Kinda gross in some cases.

The best part of the night was the encore, though (even better than The Toadies' big hit Possum Kingdom). During The Toadies' performance, you could see the drummer from Helmet (not original, of course) hanging out off-stage. He looked like he was having a blast, actually, and during the encore, he and another drummer joined The Toadies for an awesome final song.

Even better? The Toadies' drummer changed up his look for the last song (hard to see - he's wearing a squirrel head!).

I'll be truthful - I went just to check out the show. I wasn't a huge fan, I hardly knew any songs, and only a couple of songs sounded familiar. But aside from the extremely overpriced beers (damn you, House of Blues - $6.75 for PBR? And the bathroom attendants are annoying), it was a good time - and the people watching was supreme.

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