Tuesday, August 21, 2012


People get taper-crazies, but I get recovery-crazies. After Saturday's half-marathon, I planned to take Sunday off, of course, and take off Monday. Then I thought I should do a recovery run on Monday and yoga on Tuesday.

Then my feet hurt. I am guessing it's because I am not used to running 13+ miles on pavement. The vast majority of my training is on pleasantly soft trails and paths.

So I took off yesterday - no recovery run, no walk. And I made the decision to skip yoga tonight. I'm concerned that the warrior poses will torture my feet and make them cramp up (oh yeah, still dehydrated - although that might have more to do with Saturday afternoon/night than the race on Saturday).

But I have another half-marathon in less than 3 weeks! Runner's World's Smart Coach gave me this plan:

It seems reasonable. There will be tweaking - the plan doesn't account for the HM I just ran, so I don't know what my long run will be like on Saturday. (That plan is based on my time for Parkersburg. Note how slow the easy runs are. I never do them that slowly - I wonder if I should be. Or if I'm just a wuss who "races" too slowly.)

Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest or 3- to 4-mile recovery run or walk (we'll see)
Wednesday: 5-mile easy run
Thursday: yoga and/or 4-mile easy run
Friday: rest
Saturday: 8- to 10-mile long run
Sunday: 9k race

Kinda forgot about that race. I signed up with a friend. If she bails, I'm bailing too! We'll see.

Sunday night, I fly to Boston for the week, so I'll have to figure out how to do my runs when I'm out there. There's a City Running Tour run on Wednesday, and I'm interested in doing it. But a) that's a social thing and I'm not good with the social and b) it costs money, which I need to scale back on spending.

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