Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3-Week Plan

Using Runner's World's Smart Coach, I put together a plan for the next HM in September:

That goal time for the HM is a bit unrealistic (goal would be anything under my PR of 2:14:09), but I don't feel like changing the plan again.

We'll see how this goes, starting with tonight's workout on tired legs. (And I'll try NOT to look ahead to next week's speedwork that looks really hard! Oddly enough, the mile-repeats are at my 5k pace, which makes me think I am running fairly consistently and should give myself a break. It makes sense that I can't run a HM at a 10-minute pace since that's maybe what I can do for a 10k.)

This week's long run - and next week's long run - will probably be 10 miles, so some more adjusting. This Sunday, I also have a 9k race, but I'm not running it to "race" it, although beating last year's time (56:28.9) would certainly be nice. I'm pretty sure I ran that race the day after a long run, and I'm in better shape than I was last year, so it's not unrealistic. I decided to bail on Sunday's 9k race that I registered for. I'm going to Boston Sunday afternoon, so time is limited. It's a huge bummer because it's at the Cleveland Zoo and that's fun, but I have to pack for Boston and for Durham (rally, rally, rally!) on Sunday and need to have the maximum amount of running gear clean.

Sunday, I fly to Boston. Thursday, I fly back to Akron. Aaron picks me up at the airport and takes me to Parkersburg where we crash for the night. Friday, we all go to Durham.

A question: Did I really just do the strikeout thing? Ugh.

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