Thursday, July 05, 2012

Stow Firecracker Run

A holiday in the middle of the week is a little weird, huh? And silly me scheduled a race yesterday, so I didn't even get to sleep in - in fact, I got up EARLIER that normal.

The race was a four-miler in Stow. It was really hot and humid yesterday morning, and they would only permit one water per runner after the race (and there was nothing else). Usually smaller races are better, but not in this case.

I planned to run the race with Julie. This was her first race back after having her baby, and it was on the edge of brutal out there. I did a little more than half of the race with her and then finished up on my own. I'm pretty pleased with how I did, especially because I didn't feel well beforehand. And my last mile was at 5k pace 9:12)!

We were supposed to run before work this morning, but there were storms... and let's be honest, we were tired. Really, really tired. My left eye appears to be scratched (I might actually call the doctor to see if he can get me in - this is getting ridiculous). In any case, it's really irritating and my vision is not good (old, OLD glasses; I ordered new ones this morning actually).

I'm thinking lunch will be a quick workout - 2-mile run plus some weights. But I really want to go shopping, not that I have the money to do that.

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