Monday, July 02, 2012

June & July

Ah, June. Mileage was low. Cross-training was better. Weather was HOT.

The goals:
16 runs
  • 4 long
  • 4 easy
  • 4 speed
  • 4 trail
4 hikes
8 yoga or strength

The reality:
15 runs
  • 3ish long (crazy that I didn't hit these!)
  • 9 easy (it was hot, nothing was easy)
  • 1 speed
  • 3 trail
0 hikes
11 yoga or strength
I also did one race (the Jim Klett 10k), and it was hard and slow and fine. I am trying to scale back the number of races I do, both for money reasons and because I think they bum me out. In any case, I increased my cross-training activities in June and managed to hit the trail three times (sorta four since I did some of last Thursday's run on the trails.

I'm thinking July's goals will be about the same as June's. I'm not going to make any grand plans about strength-training at this point. Some progress is better than no progress. I have one four-mile race on the 4th, and it's low-pressure. Everything has to prepare me to do the Parkersburg HM without dying or hating myself. 

16 runs (1 long, 1 trail, 1 speed or hills, 1 easy)
4 yoga
4 strength-training
4 hikes

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