Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick Wrapup

I don't have much time, but let's recap July:

Goal Reality
16 runs 16 runs, 6 speed/hills
4 yoga 3 yoga classes, 1 at-home
4 strength-training 2
4 hikes 6

  • 113.43 total miles
  • 100.1 miles running
  • 13.33 miles walking/hiking
  • 25.75 speed or hill workouts
  • 1 race
I feel pretty good about this month. I wish I ended the month with a workout, but I chose to sleep in this morning and I'm busy tonight. Oh well. 

I'm going to go with similar goals for August. I will probably end up with fewer miles because of the half-marathon on the 18th, but aside from that, it's all good.

August Goals:
16 runs (a couple of runs focusing on hills and speed)
4 yoga
3 strength-training
4 hikes/walks
2 races (Parkersburg HM, Run for Maggie's Place 9k)

At some point, I need to develop my taper plan. 

(BTW, I've run 612.76 miles in 2012!)

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