Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pittsburgh/Corsette/Band Camp

So much to say, but little desire to write it out and tell the story again. I'll use lots of pictures instead.

Spoiler alert: I was a DNF for the Corsette.

Let's backtrack. Wednesday, Aaron and I got up as early as we could and set out for a six-mile run. After loading up the van - WITH SCOOTERS FOR THE FIRST TIME - we headed to Pittsburgh for the night.

We arrived at Kat's and immediately headed out for dinner and a couple of beers. Luckily we happened upon a free Belgian beer tasting as well. 

And met the cutest, silly dog at a barber shop!

But because she had to work and we had a race to get to, we called it an early night after having a couple of beers on the patio. It got chilly.

We got up early and headed to Seema's for the race. After fueling up the bikes and ourselves, we got ready to tackle 360 miles on smallframe Vespas.

About 40 miles into the race, my bike soft-seized on me. Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal and I would have tried to finish the race. Unfortunately, the girl who was behind me (to the far right in the above group shot) apparently panicked and ended up locking up the rear tire on her Stella (she was touring the race because her smallie wasn't ready). The bike fishtailed like crazy according to the car behind her. She couldn't catch it, and she went down, hard. 

Long story, short: She was life-flighted to Pittsburgh. Aaron came to get me and my smallie, and we loaded up and headed to Pittsburgh to hopefully get her and take her to the overnight spot during the Corsette. She ended up with three broken ribs, a cracked scapula, a concussion and some road rash and bruising. THANK GOD FOR HELMETS. Her helmet was destroyed and actually cracked. 

They didn't let her go home that night. We stayed with Kat that night - yay for friends who are there to help you out! - and we were able to spring her on Friday and take her to Band Camp. She is amazing - despite how much pain she was in (there's little they can do for her injuries), she had fun at Band Camp. 

As did I. Dancing and hanging out and scootering around the campground. Believe it or not, there was ANOTHER life-flight at Band Camp (dude wiped out and apparently took the headset to the face, ending up with a broken orbit and nose - AWFUL).

I have never used so many all-caps sentences and phrases. OH WELL. 

I also have no pictures from Band Camp since I didn't bring my camera and my phone was off all weekend (there's no cell reception there, so I didn't want to run my battery dead by using my phone for pictures). I have hardly taken any pictures the last 1.5 years (maybe longer?). I should probably get back on that.

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