Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Run in out

Last week was a little recovery week after the HM on Sunday, so workouts were light:

Monday: 2.5-mile recovery run
Tuesday: off (supposed to be yoga)
Wednesday: 4-mile run with the group
Thursday: off
Friday: 2-mile trail run
Saturday: Sternwheel Festival 5k
Sunday: 3-mile run/1-mile walk

Last week also consisted of me getting over myself.

Onto this week's plan:

Monday: off
Tuesday: run (length TBD)
Wednesday: run (length TBD)
Thursday: off (traveling)
Friday: 6-mile run in Milwaukee
Saturday: short run and/or hotel gym session
Sunday: off (traveling)

Hmmm... there's stuff missing, like strength and yoga. I can't get to yoga class tonight, unfortunately, so I guess this month's yoga-ing will be light. And maybe tonight will be run + strength (or maybe tomorrow). We probably won't be able to run with the group on Wednesday because I might be selling something tomorrow night.


Okay, done yelling for now.

But there's racing news: I registered for next year's Cleveland HM already. Redemption and, well, it's a decent deal right now ($40 until May 31). What's bigger news is that I registered for the Parkersburg HM in August. Holy hills, heat and humidity.

I'm doing it for fun. Well, as fun as running 13.1 miles can be, right? And it's looking like it might be a friend's first HM, so that's super-duper exciting!

October will be my goal HM (either Towpath or Columbus).

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