Monday, April 02, 2012

Robert Bales

What Robert Bales is accused of doing is so horrific, and I just don't understand why there isn't more press about it. I guess it's largely because the victims are not American, so we don't care. It's just so awful - 17 people dead at the hands of one man (and there's so much press about Trayvon and Zimmerman - notice how I used the victim's first name and the killer's last? Bias! On that subject, that dude should be charged with something and go to trial. The "Stand Your Ground" law is ludicrous and seemingly not what even happened here.) New reports are saying that he did the killings in two batches - after the first one, his mind didn't freak out and tell him to stop?

And of course there's the issue about whether Bales "snapped" and did we - royal "we" of course - play a role in his apparent mental degradation?

His wife kept a blog, and as I understand it, the blog was taken down. The NY Times has some info about the blog, which gives us some insight into what was going on at home. The tales of a military widow, I guess. I think I read somewhere that she and their daughter are sequestered on-base somewhere for their safety. What a crazy time this must be for them.

Embarrassingly enough, I first read about this in People magazine. (I hate myself for that.) I have been living a bit in ignorance about the world around me. Running/healthy living blogs and my friends' after-work antics are not enough information for me to live in this world.

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