Friday, April 27, 2012


I haven't been updating much because... I don't know. But April is ending - and I will be very close to running 100 miles. My heel has been bothering me quite a bit recently, so I probably shouldn't run 100 just 'cause. I iced last night after we got home from watching the draft (good pick, Dallas!), and it's feeling pretty good today. I've been trying to ice and stretch regularly. We'll see how it feels after this afternoon's hike. I'll ice and stretch tonight (maybe at-home yoga?) too. (Sadly, I missed yoga this week because we bought a van.)

There's 11 miles on the schedule for tomorrow (the Cleveland Half is coming up so soon!). Most of our group is doing a 10-mile race (can you believe I turned down a race?!) and others have conflicts, so it's just me and Aaron tomorrow morning. I've done a lot of Saturday-Sunday running in the past month, and mostly it's felt good (although maybe that's why my plantar fasciitis is acting up?). The extra runs have been races, so I think true recovery runs will be good (and probably not aggravate my foot if I stretch and ice properly). I'll take it nice and slow!

And that would help get me to 100 miles for the month, and I really want it.

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