Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's spring!

First day of spring, first ride to work. Thank you, Speed Four, for being reliable! (Aaron actually had to take the Laminar Lip off the Speed Four last night. On its maiden voyage a couple of weeks ago, it was vibrating pretty badly. It's okay - I'd wanted to try riding it on the highway without it because I think it might be directing air at me instead of over me.)

The smallie still has a broken exhaust, so I can't ride it yet. That's going to have to be fixed soon because the Corsette is quickly approaching!

And last night, I unearthed the Stella from the garage. It started easily, so I took it to the gas station to get air (because I am stupid and couldn't remember how to use our air compressor) and took it for a ride. Until it developed an air leak, which forced me to cut my ride short and head home. Gah!

Oh well. I have the Triumph, and my pollen report says it's definitely spring!

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