Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It arrived!

On leap day, Holly Aiken had a kick-ass sale on her very cool bags, so of course, I had to partake. It took a couple of weeks to build, but I received it yesterday - so excited! It has one external pocket, one internal pocket and a Velcro closure. I think I need to find another small bag to use with it to make it more organized. Right now I have my wallet, a scooter-themed clutch that I bought from The Tiny Bird and then some odds-and-ends - those need a home.

New Holly Aiken bag

Holly Aiken is a designer based in Raleigh, NC. She makes very cool, sometimes retro bags made out of indestructible materials. For someone who rides with a messenger bag (on the scooters - it's weird to ride with a messenger bag on the bike because you're leaned over), the indestructible part is key.

Last year, we saw some of her stuff in a store in Durham. Earlier this year, when we went back to Durham for FYBO, we stopped in Raleigh for a snack and a beer. And we saw her shop there. We stopped and debated buying something. What's cool about the shop is that you can get custom orders - different colors for the many die-cut designs she has. (I still might be get a custom bag someday. I really like her totes, but a messenger makes the most sense for me - I love me a messenger bag!)

My biggest dilemma now involves when to use what bag. I have a cool Osprey messenger bag (similar to this one in khaki) and an Aerostich bag (this one) that are someone recent acquisitions. Apparently my bag fetish is trying reassert itself. 

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