Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back on my feet

I can't believe I haven't run since Saturday. Three days off has been unheard of. I didn't plan to do three, but life - weather that required, REQUIRED riding to work and meetings that ran late and general apathy - intervened.

Tonight has five miles with the group, followed by post-run dinner and a couple of beers.

I'm looking forward to running tonight even if it is with the Camelbak. I have a theory that if I didn't do the water stops at races, I would save a few minutes. I have to walk through the stops because I am way too uncoordinated to run and drink, even slowly.

However, the Camelbak weighs me down and negatively affects my time. I feel sluggish with it, and sure, some of it's real, but also: some of it's bullshit and all in my head. I see plenty of fast times done by people with water, either on their backs, around their waists or in their hands. I know plenty of people also don't drink that much, but I feel like I require A LOT of water. So I'm going to harden the eff up and wear the Camelbak a lot more often.

This week will only have two runs, I guess. My great aunt passed away, and her service is Saturday. She was 96 and a wonderful person. I was also kind of named after her, of which I am very proud. The service is in WV, about 5 hours away. So the plan is to run 8-9 miles Friday after work and then get up super-early on Saturday to head down. Won't be a problem (except for the iffy weather forecasted for Friday).

And, since Parkersburg is literally on the way home, Saturday night will be spent their with friends.

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