Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January Wrapup

January started out pretty poorly. Between recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery and then getting a pretty bad cold/infection, I was basically down the first couple of weeks. By the 15th, I think I'd run three times? But I finished pretty strong (for me).

10 runs
63 miles
3 yoga sessions
4 strength-training sessions
1 race (Dirty Snowflake prediction trail race)

Maybe we won't talk about this month's pace, though. (Okay, a little. 10:42 average pace, but that's kind of a lie. There are some treadmill interval runs and some runs without pace.)

I think February will be fantastic, though. I'm thinking 15-ish runs. High mileage (for me). Weekly yoga and weekly strength. I don't know that I'll PR at the National Half - I think I'm going to have to be okay with 2:15 or worse - but I'm intent on having fun. And proper training will help me do so. Let's go!

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