Monday, January 23, 2012

22 miles for the week!

Let's check in on last week's training!

Monday: run 4 miles, strength-train (check)
Tuesday: yoga (check)
Wednesday: run 5 miles (check)
Thursday: rest (kind of check - should have done something)
Friday: run 4 miles (+ strength-train if Thursday is a rest day) (kind of check, didn't strength-train)
Saturday: rest (check)
Sunday: run 9 miles (and check)


22 miles run
1 yoga
1 strength

Not awful. But yesterday's run sure was awful. We started out at the Towpath by the house, and it wasn't plowed at all. 1 mile there, and I was near tears. I wanted to go home and run 8 miles in the neighborhood - and, truthfully, switch from the heavy Vasque trail-running shoes to my much-lighter Saucony road shoes - but Aaron wanted to do the 8 on Sand Run. So that's what we did, and my performance was atrocious. I suppose I had quit already. At least I finished, but you could hardly call it running.

I have plenty of excuses, but let's just move on.

Monday: rest or strength or yoga (depends on how I feel after work)
Tuesday: run 4 miles, yoga
Wednesday: run 5 miles
Thursday: rest or strength or yoga
Friday: run 4 miles easy
Saturday: 8k trail race for sure, but I should tack on 5ish miles beforehand to hit the long run for the week
Sunday: rest

Ambitious, I fear. Part of me thinks I should take off Friday to do the 10-mile run. See, we have guests coming this weekend (motorcycle show is this weekend!), so getting in a run on Saturday and Sunday isn't likely. Saturday's going to be hard enough - so I need to act like a real runner and run before the 8k race.

I am not a real runner.

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