Thursday, December 01, 2011

November Recap

In preparation for next year, I'm increasing strength-training and yoga now, so I'll have a solid base for next year. November shows that my base needs improvement in those areas particularly:

  • 15 runs for 67.55 miles (4.5 average length)
  • 10:48 average pace (at least that's what DailyMile says for the last 4 weeks, and that's close enough... and slow)
  • 3 yoga sessions
  • 2 strength-training sessions
December's numbers will be better, I hope:
  • 16-18 runs for 80ish miles
  • 10:30 average pace (is that too be a decrease over a month?)
  • 4-6 yoga sessions
  • 4-6 strength-training sessions
Believe it or not, I can already tell that the recent yoga has helped me. I'm sore from it, but I'm also feeling better, if that makes any sense. Since I've taken to the streets more often than the trails, I've been experiencing some heel pain (hello, plantar fasciitis), but it's better now. "Fancy stretching" helps!

Later on, I'll share my HM training plans. I need to merge the two plans for the DC race and the Cleveland race. There will be five weeks of overlap, and it actually is pretty nice. When I'm scaling up for Cleveland, I'm scaling down for DC. I think it'll work out nicely. Still trying to dial it in. Technically the DC plan starts the week of Dec. 12 - although my current base is greater than the plan's. My current mileage/activity is more than a month into the plan. 

I like starting off ahead of the class!

In other news, November kind of sucked as far as my loved ones' are concerned. Illness and hospitalizations and death seemed rampant. Let's hope that December is FAR better in that respect. 

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