Saturday, November 12, 2011

Worst Race Ever

I am so disappointed in myself. I really don't know why this morning's 5-miler went so poorly, but it did. I finished in 53:28, I think, with 10:41 pace. What?! That's worse than my half-marathons. Oh my, that's basically the pace I ran in my first 5k over a year ago. Pathetic.

I am so disappointed in myself. The weather was perfect, I was dressed appropriately, the course was nice and well-marked, the race was well-organized. I can't blame this performance on anyone other than myself.

What went wrong:
* I've felt a little off all week.
* Last night, my sinuses went crazy, and I had to take two Benadryls and a Zyrtec to get them to stop.
* It appears my wisdom teeth (top only, I came without bottoms) are coming in, and they hurt (particularly on my left side - which is the same side that my sinuses were flipping out on).
* I seem to be battling dehydration this week, despite copious amounts of water (and even some Nuun and Gatorade).
* My mileage was up this week (finally), and I'm not used to it.

What went right (pretty much nothing, but I've got to come up with something, right?):
* I finished.
* Only had one beer last night.
* Went to bed before midnight, got up after 8.

This was a hard race, and I felt like I, mostly, tackled the hills well. Guess I should put that in the "what went right" category, but I don't feel like it went that well.

Seriously, after the race, I was holding back tears. I'm feeling very defeated and have no idea how I'm going to make my goal for Thanksgiving's 4-miler.

But I guess I just need to learn from this and move on. Aaron says I didn't have the right attitude to begin with, and maybe he's right (although I didn't notice I was being pessimistic).

So mad at myself. (And I realize that I'm a shitty runner anyhow, but I'm better than this.)

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