Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It's been a couple of days, but that's okay. I'll just do a quick recap of Friday's workplace Halloween and be done with it.

I always say I'm done with committees at work and then I am somehow convinced to sign up again. I was pretty good with 2011 - only ended up with Halloween, and that's because my two work besties had already signed up. That way, it ended up less like an episode of The Office.

But you know what being on the committee means? Participation. We planned three competitions: the costume contest, the chili cook-off and the pumpkin-carving contest. I tried, I honestly tried, to participate in all three, but I just couldn't do a pumpkin. I took one, drew on it, started to carve, screwed up and gave up.

But I made chili! I wasn't excited about it, and I wasn't even trying - my goal was to make sure there was a non-beef/non-pork option. I made chicken chili. It was just okay.

And I dressed up! I wasn't excited about, and I wasn't even trying - my goal was to have a costume on. Haha. Okay, I did buy a gogo dancer get-up - so I wasted $60 between the dress and the boots - that I didn't wear. Simply too much for the workplace. The boots were too sexy and without the boots, the dress didn't work.

So I scrambled Thursday night to find something, anything and ended up with this:

Halloween 2011
Lame attempt at dressing up like Punky Brewster
No wonder no one knew who I was supposed to be. I didn't really work. Oh well.

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