Friday, October 07, 2011

ET3's new basket

ET3's new basket
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I finally got the smallie out today! I went back and forth on it because today was our sales meeting, but in the end, I decided the sales team didn't really give a shit if I wore jeans to the meeting. It's been forever - since Bull City, maybe?

I got the basket a while back and then had it powder-coated because I love powder-coating everything. As much as I liked having the glovebox, I think the basket might be more useful because it can fit more. The glovebox is pretty small. The only downside is where do I put my gloves? I don't really just want to leave them out for the world to see. Today, they went under the seat while I was in my meeting. I felt a little weird leaving the oil exposed, but I'll get used to it. It's not like I ever locked the glovebox (or *could* lock it - no key).

There was a little concern that the basket would get in the way, but not at all. What did get in the way was the loose mirror (you can see it's angled wrong). I didn't have a wrench with me, so I just had to keep physically moving it out of the way.

I love this silly little bike.

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