Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ride Down...

Oh, Friday, why were you so filled with rain? I got up early with the intention of running 8 to 10 miles. I ended up with 8, thanks to the rain and my lack of willpower. I was slow and cranky - and thinking ahead to the 120-mile ride down to Columbus on the Stella.

I got home where I prepared some chocolate milk and an ice bath (not really necessary for only 8 miles, but I thought it might be helpful since I was going to be stuck on a scooter for 4+ hours). Then I showered, packed my stuff for Aaron transport down, loaded up the scooter. I was probably on the road by 11:45 - unfortunately I got lost in Akron (don't ask) where I wasted a good 20 minutes between getting turned around and dealing with lunchtime traffic.

It was cold and rainy. Close to 2, I made it to Loudonville where I found a McDonald's. I ran my now-white hands under hot water for 10 minutes before they started tingling again. I hadn't eaten since my Balance Bar before my run, so I blissfully ordered some chicken strips (and then a latte to warm up from the inside) and hung out for 20-30 minutes before getting on my way again (in warmer gloves).

BTW, my gear - aside from gloves - is AWESOME. I wore my Alpinestars Stella Lux textile jacket, my Olympia Mustang riding pants and Sidi books and kept completely dry without a rain suit.

Also, I love the Alpinestars jackets so much that I am going to try their gloves. My Olympia gloves are not warm enough (and honestly, they're not that well-made), and my Shift short-cuff, warm weather gloves are falling apart after only one season. My mid-weight Joe Rocket gauntlets are good though - just not warm enough (as evidenced by Friday's white hands).

The route was okay - two detours and a stint on a divided highway around Wooster. I knew about the highway; I just didn't feel like figuring out how to avoid it. I knew it wouldn't be long, so I just went with it. When I rode the Stella to Columbus a few years ago, I ended up on the highway then too (for a shorter time, though), and it was far more nerve-racking then. I'm a way more experienced rider now (though I still make mistakes - keep reading.

Detour one was short and easy, and I quickly ended up in Wooster. I didn't really believe the detour signs for the second detour. I was following Route 3, and the signs were for 36 (should have consulted the map, huh?); they're still  the same road where the bridge was out, so at the last minute, I had to come up with my own detour. I had a map and the GPS, so I wasn't worried. I got to Old Route 3, which hooked up with the current one - only problem is that I didn't know which way was south. Funny how they met perpendicularly. Anyhow, I pulled over to consult the map again. As I was putting the bike in neutral, the back tire slid in in the mud on the side of the road - and I dropped the Stella.


SO, SO BUMMED. 20 miles from Caitlin's shop and I f%@& up. Not a huge deal, I know, but still makes me sad.

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