Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My Garmin, less than a year old, is acting wonky. I used it this morning, uploaded to DailyMile, and then plugged it into the wall outlet. Wasn't charging. Tried other outlets. Tried the computer again. Nothing. Then I tried to turn it on - won't come on.

I'm holding off replacing it - but I cannot live without it! - and hoping that it's miraculously fixed when I get home after GOTR tonight (it's plugged in now). It's been a little weird lately - the battery completely discharging and some strange screens when I first try to turn it on - but I couldn't be sure it wasn't my fault. Now I'm afraid.

There are benefits to buying a new one (it'd be my third). The prices are cheaper, and I can get something smaller with more features (not that I really need them). But I was hoping to give this one to Aaron when I upgrade.

And there's the whole issue that it should last longer than a year. It should be under warranty, so I should look into that. Is it bad that I fear being without it while it's being repaired or whatever? I'd probably buy a new one and give the repaired one to Aaron. I am pathetic.

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