Friday, August 19, 2011

TGIF - that's so original

So looks this week is a three-run week again. Weekend plans sure mess things up, huh? I've got a little ache in my left shin/upper ankle again (and I meant to bring my ice pack to work so I could ice it a little), so I didn't run after work last night. Sheer sleepiness (laziness?) encouraged me to skip running this morning. I have 11 miles tomorrow morning, so at least my legs will be fresh.

All I could think about this morning on the way to work was how sleepy I was (I didn't ride today because being this tired can make for dangerous riding conditions), so I stopped at Chick-fil-a for a spicy chicken biscuit (protein = good, fat = not-so-good). I was really thirsty last night (and oddly, really hungry yesterday), so I think I shall spend today hydrating.

And, confession, I didn't go to the gym at lunch yesterday. I have my reasons (they involve hunger and having to deal with my helmet), but those reasons don't exist today. I will go at lunch and focus on upper-body strength. I keep wanting to run - "just a couple of miles" - but I don't think that's the best idea right now.

On tap for the weekend:

  • tonight: dinner with Aaron's dad and brother at The Rail, and then Adam's coming back to our house for the night
  • tomorrow: up early to run 11 miles and say goodbye to Adam, then dropping off Stella wheels at powder-coater and heading up to Cleveland for Mods vs. Rockers, staying overnight with friends
  • Sunday: back to the AK-Rowdy - it'd be nice to do a recovery run, but I've yet to do one on a Sunday afternoon, so I'm not confident that this will be the weekend
In other news, I have to stop spending so much money. My bank accounts are not happy. (And don't even talk to my 401 - checked on it, and it was very, very sad.)

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