Monday, June 20, 2011

Exercise plan.

I only ran three times last week, and I really prefer four runs per week. I'm afraid this week will be limited too. We'll see - but with another trip out of town and my company's mid-year sales meeting, it won't be easy.

And let's face it - I was too tired to run this morning, although I NEED the exercise. I'm contemplating running after work and/or before work tomorrow. Both would be easy runs, though. I say "easy" meaning I won't try for speed or awesomeness; I'm actually quite sure that today or tomorrow's run (or runs) will be rather painful (damn that Band Camp).

This week's plan:

Monday - run 3 miles or rest or I could do a strength workout at home
Tuesday - run 3 miles and/or strength before work
Wednesday - run 4 miles (group run)
Thursday - yoga and/or strength training
Friday - run 3 miles
Saturday - run 6 miles (long run of the week)
Sunday - rest

Actually, if I did all that, I'd be mighty proud. Saturday, we're going to Athens for the night, so fitting in that six-mile run is vital (we're missing the Sunday group run again; luckily we'll be around next week, although I suspect attendance might be down with the holiday weekend). I suppose we could do it after work on Friday, but Aaron will probably be opposed to that.

I'm still exhausted from this weekend, but I know I need to get back in it. Something easy is better than nothing, right?

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