Thursday, June 16, 2011

Early weekly wrap-up

The second group run went okay. I wasn't as speedy as I would like, but I felt pretty good the entire time. I was hoping for 10-minute miles, and I fell a little short of that (10:11). Oh well. There were a couple of new people last night, and they were on the faster side - yay! I'm looking forward to the tempo runs now.

And I'm super-impressed with the coaches, especially the one pushing a stroller with her toddler. The coach was fiddling with stuff in the stroller the entire time, talking and running faster than I run. Awesome.

This week's workouts are going well - two runs, one yoga. On the docket: a strength session after work today and a 5-mile run tomorrow before ... BAND CAMP!!!

I also have delusions about an easy 3-miler when I get home Sunday, but we'll see.

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