Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10k done!

I completed my first 10k with a time of 1 hour, 5 minutes and 33 seconds. Not bad (of course it's not the 60-minute goal that would result in me getting my lucky cat tattoo, but that'll come).

It was really fun having Aaron and Ali there to run with me. Team A if you will. We all did about the same, but Aaron came in first (he's a rockstar!). We had such a great time that we immediately started talking about our next 10k.

Yesterday, I headed to Fleet Feet and picked up some new shoes (Nike Zoom Vomeros - seem very comfy, but I haven't run in them yet). And I love the yellow laces because I am a child inside.

My New Balance 572s just aren't cutting it this time. They're the new version of the ones I had before. Loved the old ones, but I've been getting some heel pain with the new ones and the sizing seems a tad different (if I run after work in them, they're a little too small). It works out - the old trail running shoes can live at the office, ready and waiting for lunchtime hikes.

I also (picture me whispering this) signed up for Fleet Feet's half-marathon training program, but let's keep that on the d/l for now.

I took yesterday and today off from running (I have yoga tonight - ahhhh!!!), and I have a running date Thursday evening. If it's dry tomorrow morning, I'll run as well. I'm hoping for a long-ish run on Saturday (Sand Run probably).

This Ohio weather is killing me! I have my mountain bike back thanks to Adam, plus I have to break in the smallframe. Mid-40s and rain isn't really conducive to all the outdoor activity I want to do.

When did I become an outdoor person?!

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