Monday, March 28, 2011

Busted goal?

I have four days to reach my goal of running 50 miles in March. I'm afraid I'm going to come up short, but we'll see. I have a hair appointment this afternoon (my hair is a disaster, definitely time for a trim), but I'm hoping to run afterward. The amount of daylight left will determine how long, I suppose. Maybe a short treadmill run tomorrow before work? Longish run after work on Wednesday, followed by a short run Thursday -- that should do it.

I'm thinking ahead a bit to April, though. I need to hit 50 miles again -- but with fewer runs. That means more longish runs. I also need to keep up with AT LEAST weekly yoga (ideally semi-weekly) and semi-weekly strength-training. This isn't difficult, I don't know why my lazy ass can't accomplish it.

This spring is pretty busy. I have two 5ks coming up (April 2 and April 9), and then I have the 10k in May. I am woefully unprepared. I also continue to have motorbike stuff (that really means Aaron has motorbike stuff -- he really doesn't trust my ability to do anything except ride... and I'm not always certain he trusts that!). The C70 has a title! And I'm going to transfer that this week. Good thing the Stella is good to go; otherwise I wouldn't have anything to ride. Boo is in rebuild status. The C70 needs a tune-up. Aaron wants to do the brakes on the Triumph.

And then there are the non-motorized bikes that need going through. The mountain bike is a disaster, but the Schwinn shouldn't be too problematic.

But money. All this requires so much money. At least running is free (well, sort of, but I'm pretty good on running gear these days).

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