Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Back to reality.

Cocoa Beach was, as expected, pretty awesome. Scooter riding in February, balmy morning jog, great people. Unfortunately, it also meant the flu for others and a soft-seize for me.

On Thursday, we left about 5 am and made it to Cocoa Beach around 8:30 or 9. We ran into some terrible traffic about 12 miles from Cocoa Beach (people heading home after the Discovery launch). Also around the time we made it to the hotel, Aaron started feeling terrible. Matt, Ali and I put him to bed and headed out to find some dinner and a beer or two. Options were limited, so we ended up at the Winn Dixie, which ultimately was the perfect solution. We picked up some beer and some grub and headed back to our room. We hung out in the living room portion of our room - yay for suites! - and made it an early evening.

We got up kind of early on Friday. Ali and I went for a run, and it was gorgeous! Aaron was feeling a little better. Aaron and Matt unloaded the bikes, and we went for a ride. Friday night, Aaron started feeling terrible again, so he missed the night's festivities. I called it an early night as well (like midnight), saving myself for Saturday. :)

On Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast. Ali and I barely made the ride - and it would have been better had I missed it (or if I'd taken the Sprint). Aaron stayed behind and waiting for his dad and his aunt/uncle; Matthew stayed behind because his bike wasn't running right.

(Although I went on the ride, Aaron's family came back to see me. Aaron's dad took a seat on the smallie.)

The ride was simply too much constant RPM. I tried to vary it, but, clearly, I was unsuccessful. I thought I might have seized it, but then realized that I really just needed to turn on reserve (Boo is NOT easy on the gas!). When I pulled over, some kid from Orlando pulled over with me, so then it was just us. I didn't think to tell him to take it easy on the way back, and I was afraid of getting left behind. Less than 4 miles from the hotel, Boo seized. I felt the loss of power, clutched-in and coasted to a stop. I couldn't restart it. Took a look at the gas tank - should be enough - and took a look at the spark plug - not lean. A couple of other people stopped (including Ali!), and this one dude gave me a push (facing the wrong way on the highway - eek!). Bike started, and Ali and I followed him back to the hotel. He took it nice and easy.

After the ride, Ali wasn't feeling well, and she went to bed at 3. Matthew wasn't far after her, and not in a fun way. Aaron and I grabbed some dinner, and he stayed up past dark! But given that I was the only healthy one - thanks, flu shot! - I stayed out later than he did. It was fun.

Sunday, Matthew was really feeling like crap, so he stuck to the hotel room. Aaron, Ali and I went to the pool for the raffle and whatnot and then headed over to a bar for some lunch. Eventually we took the bikes back out, and I was just devastated. Boo has definitely lost power, and it really upset me.

We went back to the room and hung out for a little bit. Eventually, Ali had to go back to bed. Aaron and I went to dinner with some friends. We all called it an early evening since we were leaving around 7 am on Monday.

The drive home was uneventful, but Ali wanted to die. Definitely the flu - and apparently the strain that was included in the flu shot because I am fine. We drove to Parkersburg Monday, and then we headed back home Tuesday.

We dropped Boo off at the shop, so Aaron can deal with the oil leak and check the piston to see how much it's effed up. I am anxiously awaiting the verdict. I'm so anxious, in fact, that I think I'm going to the shop after work so I can inspect the piston and cylinder myself.

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