Thursday, February 03, 2011

I'm like a sunshower...

or maybe not.

I've been watching the video meme (like this one) about accents that's been going around. (I refuse to say "vlog"). I always find that stuff interesting. Other people's accents, dialects, word choices, etc., fascinated me when I went to college. The South definitely influenced me, but I don't really have a Southern accent (anymore).

But some comments: potato bug, granddaddy long-legs, soda (WV/NC isn't really South enough to use "Coke" as a generic term!).

And I do wonder, what else would you call a shopping/grocery cart or toilet-papering/t-ping a house? And I've never heard of a term for when it's raining but the sun is shining. Guess it's sunshower? I like that word, though.

In other news, I'm back on a training plan, but I just realized that my training plan has me running five days a week. I really prefer four, but I knew the plan was little more aggressive than a beginner plan (I'm not a beginner anymore!). I feel like changing it in Week 1 isn't really giving it a shot, though. It's not ridiculous or unrealistic plan, so I'm thinking I should stick with it -- at least until Cocoa Beach. I'll probably have to stop and regroup after Cocoa Beach (THREE WEEKS!!!).

Anyhow, it's this intermediate plan, although I'm not really training for a half-marathon; I just like the plan. I do think I'll change some days around. Running Mondays - especially after work, like I've been doing lately - work out well for me. I would rather have a rest day on Sunday and maybe do a tempo or speed session on Mondays. This week, I was lazy and didn't do anything on Monday.

And for the record, the "snowpocalypse" didn't happen here in Akron. We had some freezing rain and snow, and schools were called off, but the roads were fine. Easy drives to/from work for the past two days!

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Laura said...

Re: And I do wonder, what else would you call a shopping/grocery cart or toilet-papering/t-ping a house?

I think maybe they're going for "trolley" if you're British? That's my guess after reading all the Shopaholic books.

As for potato bug, I don't think I've ever seen one. I would have no idea what they're talking about with that question.