Friday, February 11, 2011

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer - The Oatmeal

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer - The Oatmeal
Sometimes I get stuck on The Oatmeal. It makes me happy. And really, I want to post so much from particularly kitties 'cause they're cute and remind me of my own biggies.

Upcoming Agenda:
Tonight: Dinner with girls, Escher opening.
Tomorrow: Watch Aaron install SlikStand.
Sunday: Grocery shop, run outside - yes, OUTSIDE.
Next week: Work. Try to work. Get more and more excited about Cocoa Beach.
Week after that: Work, but really panic because I'm not ready for Cocoa Beach.

Also, I am unreasonably excited to read Portia de Rossi's memoir. It's waiting for me at the library, and I will obtain it Monday. That means I have this weekend to finish The False Friend (if I decide it's interesting enough to finish.)

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