Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Good god.

Kasich Denies Media Access At Swearing In: "When Ohio swears in its new governor on Monday, no representative of the public is slated to be there to witness it... The decision is escalating criticism of the former congressman and Wall Street banker over positions he's taken on access to public information, events and documents since his election on Nov. 2."

We should probably get used to this, I guess. And people voted for this ass, why? It's kind of bizarre that we have this governor who is completely disregarding transparency, but yet society, especially younger people, is begging for it. This dude has a good point:
"What is fundamentally important is the working relationship between any governmental administration, at whatever level of government, and the press," said Gilligan, governor from 1971 to 1975. "If you can imagine a government without a press, you've got total dictatorship. The more you move in that direction, the more precarious becomes the whole situation."
ETA: At least Kasich reversed his decision about this. We all know that does not mean his governorship will be transparent, but he'll do his best to fake us out until we stop caring.

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