Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little C70 update

Honda C70 front
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Ah, the beauty of a short workweek. This gives me time to obsess over the issue I'm having with the title for the new C70.

Sidenote: Some people call the early 70s C70s Cubs or Passports. My research indicates that, really, they're neither -- they're C70s. And while "Cub" connotates how irresistibly cute the bike is, the bike really is more of a Passport. I shall stick to C70.

On another sidenote, I am sick of people talking about how slow and how impractical the bike is. I'm not new to this, it's not my only bike, and I know what I have. If I discover that it's really too slow for my taste, then I'll sell it.

I'll probably try some performance mods as well, but first, I need to work out the title issue and, of course, get it running. The C70 is lower on the queue too (the Primavera is first, and then there are some smaller things for the Sprint and the new reeds for the Stella). I'm not sure if the C70 is queued up before the P200 or not. The C70 is easier, so it might be.

Also, I'm working on a name for the C70. I'm feeling the bike's retro vibe, as well as its cubby cuteness. Taking suggestions, of course.

In other news, I have a four-mile race on Thursday (Home Run for the Homeless in downtown Akron). Saturday's trial run indicates that I can probably do it in under 45 minutes -- and 45 minutes would be fantastic for me. Tonight, I'll run after work, take tomorrow off from running, and hopefully be fresh and light-footed on Thursday.

Sidenote to this other news: Last Saturday, we ran four miles at Sand Run. I think my eventual goal is to be able to do the six-mile loop from Portage Path to Revere. Totally doable.

And I think this post is almost entirely a sidenote. This is why I'm not a blogger.

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