Friday, April 30, 2010

Criminalizing morality?

Guy "Regrets" Selling iPhone Prototype To Gizmodo:
So now "finders, keepers" is a crime? "Finders, keepers" certainly is a moral issue, but it's not a crime, is it?

That said, why is it that men can abandon their families all the time, but when a women does it, people start crying for charges. Morally, what she did isn't right, but if it's a crime, then we need to start charging men who abandon too.

Oh, that's right. It's because we're women and need protecting, and if you're a mother, you couldn't possibly make a bad decision to abandon your family. Some bad man must have forced you to. (Kind of reminds me of the runaway bride, though. Are we creating a culture where women feel trapped? I don't know. They made bad decisions.)

Anyhow, slippery slope and all that.

In other news, a housecat is nursing baby bobcats until they're old enough to move to a habitat. All sorts of cuteness there... and sometimes my heart just beats right out of my chest!

A couple more hours of work, and then I'm off to the 'burgh for the final PVSC City Rally. Let's all do a dance to keep the rain at bay until we get home Sunday!

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