Friday, April 16, 2010

8,000 miles!

8,000 miles!
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I hit 8,000 miles on my Stella yesterday! That means I'll likely go over 10k this season. Same with the Triumph actually.

I also got my new exhaust on the Triumph yesterday. It's awesome! Aaron needs to replace a gasket to fix a little air leak, but it's pretty much all good. Nice sound, not too loud. I'm going to do the computer flash soon, so it might run a little stronger after that. Let's face it -- a slipon exhaust is more about looks/sound than anything! To get real performance changes, I'd have to go with a full exhaust system, and I'm not interested in that at all.

So just the bars and the Lip left to do on the Triumph!

WKRP was last weekend -- pics coming soon -- and what it really managed to do was get me all het up for a Jet 200. In ochre. Someday, I hope. That's part of the savings plan.

Upcoming goals:
- pay off Subaru by 2014
- pay off student loans by 2015
- get out of house someday ... housing prices still indicate that's years and years away, unfortunately (but I'm trying to throw extra money toward the mortgage each month)

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