Sunday, May 27, 2007

Scooter's out of commission again

left side damage
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I had an accident last weekend on the scooter. I'm fine except for some bruises and a scrape on my knee (I'm ordering riding pants this week, so that won't happen again!).

From a post I made the day after the accident:

So on the way home last night, I got a nail in my rear tire. My scooter has tube tires, which basically means if you get a flat, it's flat immediately. I was coming down a hill on 305, about 45 mph, when the back felt all slippery. I didn't realize what had happened, I just knew I was making a light turn downhill and something was wrong. I tried braking lightly, which did no good. The bike just doesn't want to roll when the tire's completely flat. I went down on my left side, and the bike flipped over and landing kind of in the shoulder, turned the wrong way.

I got up immediately and pulled the bike up. I got it out of 4th gear, but I wasn't able to push it up the hill to turn it around. I tried starting it to use the engine to move it, but the throttle wouldn't move. By this time, Aaron had turned around. First he says, "What the fuck, Adrienna?" and then he realizes that the tire's completely flat (i.e., not my fault). He gets it turned around, and we both push it to someone's driveway where we change the rear tire (and see the nail in the tire; the guy whose house we were at said that it looked like a horse nail). Aaron gets the throttle to work.

I asked him to ride the scoot while I rode the Kaw home. In the rain. It was awful. And then when we were coming to a stoplight, the Kaw just stops running and I couldn't get it to stay running. We swapped bikes again, and Aaron just kept revving it at every stop.

I talked to my insurance company this morning, and an appraiser is coming out this week. I'll post pictures of the damage later. I'm OK. My neck is a little sore. I have a big bruise on my left hip and a couple of others on my thigh. My knee's scraped up. My jeans are totally shot. My jacket has some damage. I love gear; gear is good; it keeps you from getting totally fucked up.

Update: The scooter's at POC awaiting the insurance appraisal. And now the Kaw's out of commission for a while (we're replacing the cylinder head -- long story).

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